About Active Recovery Coaching

Who We Are

Based in Austin and Houston, Texas with virtual sessions available by request, Active Recovery Coaching offers a lifestyle transformation to clients searching for sustained recovery and wellness. Since 2017, ARC’s original method involving recovery coaching and personal training, life skills, and nutrition has provided a well-rounded approach to healing. Equipped with personal training certification and ARC’s in-house training program, our coaches, who are in recovery themselves, create a supportive and inclusive environment where experience, strength and hope are shared between sets.

Our Story

After working in addiction treatment for over a decade, Founder Charlie McGarty noticed that many substance use treatment providers were not prioritizing health and fitness, and those that were often saw clients fail to sustain a healthy lifestyle outside of treatment. With overwhelming evidence to suggest that exercise and nutrition support our mental health as well as physical, and in turn help sustain recovery, Charlie left his role as a wellness coordinator for treatment centers with the vision to provide a solution that can be integrated at any point in the continuum of care.
In 2017, he founded Active Recovery Coaching, offering a comprehensive, well-rounded program that helps clients adopt a healthier lifestyle. Since then, he’s seen incredible success, with many clients celebrating multiple years in recovery. In fact, a strong faith in the program has led many former clients to become coaches themselves.

In 2019, Active Recovery Homes was created as the next step in providing wellness programming throughout the recovery journey. The Active Recovery Coaching model is made more accessible in a sober living environment, with accountability and round-the-clock guidance from the ARH team.