What is the ARC Coaching Model?

At Active Recovery Coaching our coaches are dual certified and qualified to integrate both these services in one session. This approach helps the recovering addict to get a better understanding of his/her mind, body and spirit. This allows client to identify their own strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Depending on the individuals capabilities sessions take place at fitness centers, yoga classes, hiking, jogging and or walking around the neighborhood. While being physically active we have found individuals are more open to share their struggles, insecurities and current issues with the coach. This approach has lead clients to a sense of accomplishment, feelings of strength and fortitude, improved health and increased confidence in staying clean and sober.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective wellness programs. We instruct, assist and motivate individuals in reaching personal health and wellness goals. The trainers provide advice on healthy eating practices and meal planning for maximum benefit. This will provide each client with a well balanced and functional program that will create a sustainable lifestyle. Making sure that clients are not using exercise inappropriately as a new form of addiction.

Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaches are professional sober life coaches who are actively engaged in recovering addicts lives. They offer mentorship, supporting individuals in achieving and maintaining a solid foundation in recovery.We provide community based resources and tools for the client to navigate their daily lives more successfully. The recovery coach is responsible for empowering clients to set goals, create clear plans of action and to hold them accountable for reaching said goals.
After a client has completed their treatment, ARC provides individual coaching services in Austin as a step down approach to an integrated continuum of care and accountability. Our coaches continue to expand a clients wellness in the community setting, which can often be a difficult transition following treatment. We include Recovery/Life Coaching in all sessions to promote mental health and personal growth. This approach provides a recovery lifestyle that is structured, enjoyable, and sustainable.