Charles McGarty

Charlie the owner/operator is a certified personal trainer, recovery coach and yoga instructor. He also holds certifications in fitness nutrition, ropes course and y12sr( yoga 12 step recovery). Charlie has worked in some well known treatment centers creating wellness programs to maximize client’s physical health during their inpatient stay. He has worked with the kitchen staff to ensure healthy meal planning, preparation and use of nutrient dense foods.  Instructing yoga classes and group training sessions to men and woman daily with a focus on individual care as well. This has become a passion of Charlie’s because of his decade long battle with drugs, alcohol and an eating disorder. He has 6 years in recovery where he has personally lost 125lbs., quit a 2 pack/day cigarette habit and found purpose in working with others.

Sarah Adams

Developing an active lifestyle in recovery has helped me to regain confidence, drive, and purpose.  Whether challenging myself in the gym, out on the lake paddle boarding or running the trails, staying active has proven beneficial to the health of my mind, body, and spirit.  In both group and individual settings, I love to share my passion for fitness and a sober lifestyle. After working in the Recovery Industry for a year and a half, I decided to get my CPT and join two things that have helped me to achieve a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle I live today.

Lance Risher

My journey through recovery has been a continually evolving learning process. Throughout that process, however, attention to my physical health and recovery has been a constant. Making a point to take care of myself on a physical level has also had the dual benefit of keeping my mind and spirit heathy as well. Beyond all of the clear health benefits, the most important thing I’ve gained through an active lifestyle is connection. The network and community of like-minded, motivated individuals I have forged relationships with, through trying to better myself daily and maintain an active lifestyle, is the greatest asset I have at my disposal today.

Jacob Bolding

Fitness and being active has been critical for my recovery from addiction. Nothing has provided me the relief from depression, laziness, and low self-esteem like going to the gym or hitting the jogging trail. In the past, substances were my only solution to coping with the feeling of uselessness and self-pity. Fortunately, I discovered the amazing benefits of taking care of my body, along with seeking growth spiritually and mentally. After moving to Austin for sober living and to get sober, I became acquainted with ARC. Through my weekly one on one sessions at the YMCA, I gained the knowledge required to not only get in shape but how to do so safely and most efficiently. After spending 9 months with ARC, meeting up weekly, I entered the mentorship program, and walked onto the team as their newest personal trainer! 

I am grateful for the role ARC has played in my growth as an individual and I’m looking forward to passing on the message that was given to me in my future endeavors!



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