Charles McGarty

Founder/ CEO

Charlie has been working in addiction treatment for over a decade. His focus has been adding quality wellness services to the treatment continuum of care. He began as a wellness coordinator for many well known Texas treatment centers. Unfortunately he was experiencing a failure to sustain the wellness focus once the client had left their inpatient stay. Charlie made the decision to leave his role as a wellness coordinator so he could be more useful to the recovery community as a whole. He founded Active Recovery Coaching in 2017, with the vision of creating a sustainable model of wellness programming for any treatment center. Charlie has been able to establish an amazing relationship with the Austin YMCA that has brought much needed individualized resources to the recovery community. In 2020 he opened Active Recovery Homes to offer a new model of sober living. ARH offers high accountability mixed with endless support. There have been outstanding results thus far with this model. It has added depth to the many things that are already proven to work in recovery. Charlie’s overall vision is for this wellness focus to be implemented throughout a person’s journey in recovery.

Shawn Livingston

Executive Director

Shawn Livingston is a combat veteran, decorated ultra-marathon runner, person in recovery from substance abuse, and mental health advocate. Overcoming his battle with drug use and PTSD has provided him the opportunity to help others find freedom through his personal experience. Shawn is passionate about utilizing physical fitness to aid in the pursuit for a sustainable recovery.

After getting sober, Shawn found a passion for running and had the opportunity to share his story in his award winning documentary, 100 Miles to Redemption. He inspires countless families and provides hope through his own personal accounts with addiction, recovery, and the healing power of fitness.

To learn more about the documentary, visit his website:




Jacob Bolding

Director of Operations

Fitness and being active has been critical for my recovery from addiction. Nothing has provided me the relief from depression, laziness, and low self-esteem like going to the gym or hitting the jogging trail. In the past, substances were my only solution to coping with the feeling of uselessness and self-pity. Fortunately, I discovered the amazing benefits of taking care of my body, along with seeking growth spiritually and mentally. After moving to Austin for sober living and to get sober, I became acquainted with ARC. Through my weekly one on one sessions at the YMCA, I gained the knowledge required to not only get in shape but how to do so safely and most efficiently. After spending 9 months with ARC, meeting up weekly, I entered the mentorship program, and joined the ARC Family as a coach.

I am grateful for the role ARC has played in my growth as an individual and I’m looking forward to passing on the message that was given to me in my future endeavors!



Limor Chen


Megan Souther






Elena Hickey


Taylor Conley

Coach/ Nutritionist