Personal Training & Recovery Coaching

The Active Recovery Coaching model provides a welcome change from cold, clinical environments by combining in-depth recovery coaching and personal training in the gym under the guidance of skilled peers. Certified in personal training and ARC’s own rigorous training program that includes group and individual learning, a shadowing process and hands-on supervision, our coaches are all in long-term recovery and continue to receive feedback and support from our founder.
Our coaching sessions focus on improved physical health and fitness through strength training, functional movement exercises and cardio, as well as personal growth through mindfulness, recovery tools, goal-setting and accountability to adopt a healthier lifestyle, leading to overall wellness and lasting recovery. In addition to recovery and physical training, our coaches open up conversation around multiple components of life. By getting to know each client individually, we take into account their strengths, challenges and more before putting together a plan focused on achieving their goals with a well-rounded and in-depth approach.
Coaching happens in the gym, building strength and endurance alongside growth and connection. Together with the guidance of peer coaches with lived experience, this hybrid approach offers a more comfortable environment, conducive to trust, vulnerability and connection. Supplemental assistance may also be provided, such as companionship at support meetings, community engagement events and outdoor excursions, as well as full membership to the ARC facility. Coaches may offer support with any activities related to furthering recovery and improving quality of life, including stepping in when transportation is limited, assisting with pick-up and drop-off to ARC sessions, doctor’s appointments and more.